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A Nation Leaning Into Change

I was a little surprised but thrilled when I saw a  newspaper when I was in Manila in September this year.

The headlines were remarkable.


From a country that allows Infant Formula advertisment to blazen boldly across their billboards and Televisions I was suitably impressed.

There were over 6 pages fully dedicated to Breasfeeding !

Also Philippine stars and VIPs supporting and advocating  breastfeeding both men and women!

Great links and advice, great images, even images showing breastfeeding TODDLERS.


I know God has His eye on the Philippines and I am thrilled that He is stiring people even the famous ones to embrace truth, education and Him!

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There is a battle going on for the Children of this nation. I believe these are only prophetic steps in the right direction, it shows me that the Leaders and Influencers of the Nation are leaning into change, they also know it is up to them (Nationals) to bring true and lasting change NOT foreign missions and NGO’s the truth is change MUST eventually come from within.

Am I doing myself out of a job? Absolutely

My desire is not to be needed.


“Illegal Abortions” Reality Check

Over the past 5 years Ps Mark, Christine and I have seen various and shocking incedents of illegal abortions in Baseco, we have seen suspected failed abortions and babies have been born with extreme and sometimes life threatning disfigurements and sicknesses. We have met ladies unable to concieve probably due to botched abortions…. we have heard stories and grieved over this very thing.

This determines us once again to persist in BBB and make a change, give women and girls an option to control their fertility, educate them to understand their bodies and to help them to stay in school as long as possible. To help them understand God has a plan for them and a hope and future.

We are determined to make a change.

This video is excellent but is graffic in areas. But reality.

Ponder these things and they will make you want to make a difference


Too Soon Too Young

Please look at these faces

20150507_113709 20150507_114201


20150501_120833  20150505_152413

All these beautiful girls are 19 years and under

The youngest is a 13 year old.


These faces are the faces of girls who have had their childhood and education cheated away from them because of ignorance and lack of education.

They will be destined to a life which statistically keeps them in a lower wage bracket and trapped in a cycle of poverty.


BBB is committed to Educating the teens in Baseco.

This cycle needs to stop.

There must be a generation of nurturing women educators and midwives who will rise up and end it.

It starts with us.

Make a difference come on a team, join with us as we fight the battle of ignorance.

The Tides of Change….

I have been back two weeks now in the beautiful Australia and the Barossa Valley.

Leaving Baseco is always bittersweet for me, I feel like I leave a bit of me behind with Pst Marivic and Marco, Pst Manny and Rolinda, Precy,  Allan, Rodellio, Riza, Liezel, Kat Kat, Irene their families are part of my heart……but of course my family is here back in Australia so my place is here. But I treasure my times in Baseco.


My times with the mums, talking laughing and nursing babies………nothing thrills my soul when I see mothers growing learning and wanting to change.

The interesting thing about Baseco in 2013 is there seems to be a slight shift in the way the wind is blowing……

It is slight but I feel like it is HAPPENING.

Most ladies I talk to seem more tuned into Health, Eating Well, (schools now tell the same story) Birthing a Baby safely….even contraception/family planning has become almost acceptable, thanks to the tireless work of the women at Likahaan and the Lying in Centre…….I feel like I was not (for the first time) preaching a completely NEW message but one they had at least heard SOMETHING about before.

Did I repeat myself? YES

Did I find women who knew nothing? YES

Were there still little girls getting pregnant who still should be at school? YES

Did I find some tragedies? YES

But I did sense a change, NICE!!

Is it physical, spiritual, or political?

It could be all three, facilities are improving, fresh water and electricity nearly reaches the whole of Baseco now (thanks to Jn 14:12 and churches in Australia) , there are schools and a Heath Centre, drains are being built to drain the refuse away, roads, infrastructure and business is improving.

The Government has passed new laws pertaining to Women’s Health and Family Planning despite the resistance of the Catholic Church, it is now LEGAL to supply women with Contraception and discuss family planning. The Mayor who originally came from Baseco has bought about many many positive changes as well.

Yes, this is all true

But I really believe that through the preaching of the gospel and the subsequent blessings that follow (not just the work of Jn 14:12, but other evangelical churches in Baseco as well) the tide of devastating poverty and despair is being turned. As I was thinking about it it is like a massive ship turning in the sea…it cannot do it alone it needs to be shunted, shifted and tweaked and towed by the small but powerful tugboat, it is slowly being turned around…….


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The giant ship moves, it changes direction and is set on a new course!

The gospel works!

There is no way I can now deny it. I have seen over 5 years the shift in Baseco……

Slight but real!

Not that there is still not a  long way to go, not that the work is finished.

But the tide is beginning to shift in my humble opinion.

I for one am glad and grateful that God came to Baseco.

My Birthing Better Babies will grow up in a different Baseco than that of their parents!


Jesus Christ through the Living Church has made a difference, He has changed the tide of death and destruction into hope and deliverance for those who want it!



Breaking News, MP’s Back Contraceptive Law

Legislators in the Philippines have defied the powerful Roman Catholic Church to vote in favour of state-funded contraception.

This is the most exciting news I have heard in months.

I would have been dancing in the streets to and these purple ribbons look suspiciously like the Likhaan colours!

(click Picture to read more about the work these tireless ladies do in the slum)


Source http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-20752851

The ban on contraception has been lifted, which I thankfully and gratefully agree with, and sigh in relief

While there is still sin and immorality in the world the world will need contraception.

Until we see nation wide revival, babies will be born in Baseco and other Developing nations unwanted and unloved.

Aborted, abandoned, starving, neglected and abused.

We must build a FENCE……

Giving Birth Should be About LIFE NOT DEATH (read more HERE)

Legislators in the Philippines have defied the powerful Roman Catholic Church to vote in favour of state-funded contraception.

Both the Senate and the House of Representatives backed a bill that has been debated for 13 years.

Supporters say it is a vital human rights measure in the impoverished country with one of the highest mortality rates in the region. Source http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-20752851

This is  a battle that has raged for years in the Phillipines…….but for people who see first hand the damage multiple uncontrolled and unsupported birth has, this step is the first in a positive direction. My women have baby after baby, in desperation they abort these babies, they die, their children starve, they have no education, the cycle starts again, read Olivia’s story for more information.

Read the whole story HERE


The maternity ward in Manila’s Jose Fabella hospital, where women often share two, or three, to a bed. Resources are stretched beyond coping and women and babies are dying without this form of control

Source http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-19134777

According to the government’s 2011 Family Health Survey, the maternal mortality rate rose 36 percent to 221 deaths per 100,000 live births between 2006 and 2010.

Many of those giving birth were girls between 15 and 19 years old, she said, and most were from poor families.

The maternity ward in Manila’s Jose Fabella hospital, where women often share two, or three, to a bed

She urged lawmakers to pass the bill and “stop failing our young”.

Source http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-19134777

I thank God for this development, really I do.

I believe the tide of Abortion, unwanted and unplanned pregnancies will  begin to stop.

Thank God he has given us this tool to use in the meantime!



Insight Into My Mother’s World…

Here is a link to a BBC video that takes you inside Fabella one of the Hospitals our mothers use.


BBC Philippines Maternity Care

This gives you an understanding why it is better to build a fence at  the top of the hill rather than an Ambulance at the bottom!

These women need Education

They need access to safe Birth Control

These things literally save lives in a developing nation

I have walked these halls, overwhelmed and shocked at the amount of people and babies.

This is reality in The Philippines


On a dirt floor in a slum.

Interesting choice!


Eye Opening Philippino Statistics

PHILIPPINE’S QUICK STATSIndicator 1993 1998 2003 2008
Percentage of women with no education 2.1 1.5 1.4 1.2
Percentage of women with access to newspaper, television and radio 58.2 48.5 36.8 23.5
Total fertility rate (children per women) 3.7 3.5 3.3
Percentage of teenagers who have begun childbearing 7.2 8.0 9.9
Percentage of married women currently using any method of family planning 40.0 47.8 48.9 50.7
Percentage of married women currently using any modern method of family planning 24.9 28.2 33.4 34.0
Median age at first marriage for women age 25-49 (years) 21.6 22.1 22.0 22.2
Median age at first sex for women age 25-49 (years) 21.8 22.1 21.9 21.5
Percentage of married women who want no more children 62.8 61.9 61.2 62.7
Percentage of married women with an unmet need for family planning 25.9 18.8 17.3 22.3
Mean ideal number of children 3.2 3.2 3.0 2.8
Infant mortality rate (per 1,000 live births) 35.1 28.7 24.9
Under-five mortality rate (per 1,000 live births) 48.4 39.9 33.5
Percentage of live births receiving antenatal care from a trained health professional 83.1 85.7 87.6 91.1
Percentage of live births delivered at a health facility 28.3 34.2 37.9 44.2
Percentage of live births receiving assistance at delivery from a trained health professional 52.8 56.4 59.8 98.6
Percentage of children fully immunized 71.5 72.8 69.8 79.5
Percentage of children with acute respiratory infection or fever taken to a health facility 51.3 57.9 54.8 49.8
Percentage of children with diarrhea who received either ORS or RHS 49.5 44.7 57.6 58.6
Median exclusive breastfeeding duration (months) 1.0 2.1 2.6 2.6
This information is sourced from Measure DHS
“Quality Information to plan monitor and improve population Health and Nutrition Programmes”
Certainly some very interesting facts worth considering and examining as we implement and evaluate BBB.

Olivia’s Tragedy……..one baby too many!

“In the Philippines 11 women die every day due to pregnancy and childbirth related


(Guttmacher Institute /UPPI Study 2009)

Here is a short story that will actually “show” you what it is like for women and children to live in a world of poverty and deprivation, this Barungay is very similar to Baseco.

I have sat and eat and nursed babies in houses almost identical to the ones in this video, Olivia had 9 children this is the story of her 10th.

There are hundreds of children in Baseco that have faced this situation, alone with no mother.

Some may find a relative, some will just fend for themselves

There is no care and support  like a mother’s love

It is irreplacable

BBBabies alleviates some of the battles these women face daily, through tubal ligation, money for contraception and more

In some cases it will, without hesitation,  prevent death!


This is simply an avertable tragedy

In Jesus, in love


Prevention is Better……….

The women in this video are very similar to those  in Baseco even now!

This scenario would not happen if women just like this had access to contraceptives

I do not advocate abortion….. but I have great compassion and empathy with women who feel so so desperate and have been disempowered to such a state of desperation

Be sure folks our money is going to change the destiny of women and unborn children in Baseco

BBB is making a difference


Blessings Cathy

A Glimpse Into Another Birthing World!

Here is a glimpse into a maternity ward in a Developing Nation with an exploding and uncontrolled population

This is where we send our BBBaby mothers, it does (REALLY) have a good reputation, and the women actually like going there for the birth!

Maternity Care, women lining up for prenatal checks

The midwives that care for these women are mostly young students from the upper end of Philo culture…….hard work though!

Routine checks are done on the women who attend Fabella

Birth is a very different experience in Manila, no husbands are allowed in the delivery room, nor visitors. Very strict matrons adhere to hospital protocol. It is a very strict, and we would class antiquated, maternity system, compared to the beauty and peace of our Western Births. We have the privilege to enjoy and relish in birth which these women rarely do! They often birth alone or with dozens of other women…..

The next picture is probably an emergency situation, it often astounds me the amount of staff  that attend emergencies, it seems to me extraordinary but it the way they do it! Very little privacy or even THOUGHT for the mother, many are not even informed of why they are being attended as such. Nevertheless I would far prefer my babies to be looked after in this environment with access to blood, anaesthetic  and proper medical attention than to birth in a slum with no access to even running water electricity and trained medical staff!

It is all a matter of perspective!

Baby born and being cared for by a midwife! Every single piece of tape, tube, wipe, disinfectant, medicine, blood transfusion, stitch and needle must be paid for IN FULL by the woman before she is released from hospital (they do have some concessions available but they are limited, every birth must be paid for though!)

If there are no birth complications the women and their babies are transferred to the wards……….

I have actually been in this hospital, which was very difficult as they do not let Non relatives in! What the photos do not show is the armed guards that are at every entrance door scrutinising people’s entrance tickets. If I had even motioned for my camera I would have been escorted out by gunpoint I am sure.

Why armed guards?  What we find very hard to conceive is the vast population in Manila, if the maternity were to open doors to every spouse relative and friend these Birthing women have the hospital would be LITERALLY overrun. Thus the entrances are restricted, visitors are restricted. Even husbands must wait OUTSIDE the hospital until they are called in. A very different system indeed, but understandable in the big picture! There are as many people in the capital of Manila as there is in the  whole of Australia!

It is hard for the Western brain to SEE the good, when we are used to modern spacious and private rooms! Another thing we need to realise is that most Philippino families live in similar conditions……..5 in one bedroom is not uncommon. In fact I know a family who do have separate bedrooms for their kids, but still all prefer to be together in one bedroom! Just different!

Remember this hospital has no air-conditioning either! Just fans!

The newborns are cared for in a similar manner to our babes, there are just soooooooo many of them!

These doctors and midwives are hardworking and dedicated, they work with  a GRIM determination. I think they can see that this is not sustainable nor economically feasible in the long run. Nevertheless they herd, they organise, they spell it out to uneducated and superstitious mothers over and over again, day in and day out! Gotta take my hat off to them!

They fight an unwinnable fight against poverty, lack of education, unrestrained birth, superstition and religious control….to them this day was a GOOD DAY!!!

It just SHOCKS us!

Take a moment to pray for this nation, there are so many changes that need to take place. They need the living Jesus, not a religious form, it is their only hope!

If you want to see this article in full see  One Born Every Minute, Three to a Bed!

Blessings Cath